3 friends

Join Arthur, Peta and Chloe on a journey of engaging with God through the Bible.

Each friend takes a slightly different approach to each story but together they work out some of the possibilities for what it means to be a follower of The Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Whether exploring an Old Testament story or a Psalm; a story about Jesus or the early Church … the questions the 3 friends tackle include:

  • Why is this story in the Bible?
  • How does this story help us to be more like Jesus to one another, our community and the world?

We all come with our own personality types and learning styles as we explore the big questions of life.

Exploring these questions here, we are led by the 3 friends and their unique intelligences and personalities. Whether it is using a preference for words, visuals or the dramatic or whether the outcomes are applied to personal life, our communal life or a more grounded world view this approach will deliver all sorts of combinations … all sorts of complexities … all sorts of responses.

No one size fits all.

Let’s have fun with the 3 friends as they explore God’s Big Story together.

As we explore, be ready to respond in our unique ways to God and God’s Word and to find ways to share that with others.

Who are you most like?

Arthur Squiz

My name is Arthur Squiz … that actually is my name. I don’t mind because it’s true, I love to take a close look at things … that’s what ‘to take a squiz’ at something means.

I love to take a squiz at what’s going on and check it out for myself. In fact, the first part of my email address is … a.squiz@

That’s what I’ll be doing here … having a look at the Bible stories and making sure we understand what’s going on. Even though the stories happened so long ago we can still find something to help us understand our life today.

Peta Song

Great to meet you! My name is Peta …I love doing all sorts of craft, drama, photography, music, songs and stuff. I hope you do too. I love helping people help each other. I love it! because it’s what God loves too!
My job is to also help you get to know a lot more about God … and how God’s way for living makes sense for living life today … and how Jesus shows us what God is like.

Chloe Street

Hi! My name is Chloe … … I’m new to your country but everyone has made me feel so welcome. So that’s what I’ll be doing in all our adventures together … making sure everyone knows and feels they are welcome, special and important. My job is also to help you get to know HOW loved, special and important each person is to God … and how Jesus shows us that!


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    Three friends explored

    Mainly for the theorists amongst us …
    Check this section out to see quite a complex background to the sorts of thinking, theology and approaches taken by each of the 3 friends. Even come back to this section later, after you’ve opened the Bible with Arthur, Peta & Chloe, to see what makes this approach work.

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    Mission … coming soon

    Being a follower of Jesus is to be on about the same sorts of things as Jesus.
    By yourself or as a faith community we need to have a close look at what sorts of things Jesus was trying to do. Jesus’ mission, should he choose it, was to work with God on a plan to show how to be in a just-right relationship with God. Jesus gave his whole life to make that possible and asks us to join him on that mission as well.

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    Prayer … coming soon

    Listening and talking to God
    The first part of prayer is to know who you are talking to. We have lots of different ideas, pictures and names for God as us humans have come to know God. We understand and experience God differently and relate differently. Prayer fits in with this and helps us to grow and just-right relationship with God, ourselves and others; our community; and our World.