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Phil Day

children and families ministry specialist
Phil is the author of midst.com.au with over 40 years of experience in this area.
He is available for presentations, support and encouragement (coffee & a chat), ideas, training or consultancies … helping you to transform your ministry and to help get the direction right for you.
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Jesus placed a child in their midst (Mark 9:36)
Explore the ideas and understandings that lie behind this idea of ‘Midst’ … a child in our midst making a difference, having a role to play in our lives. Children in our midst invite! Children in our midst challenge!
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5 Keys

for ministry with children and families
Discover 5 of the keys for effective ministry with loads of articles and suggestions.
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for growing great kids
Tools for helping parents, teachers, children’s workers in their vitally important roles.
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Worship Matters

Celebrating worship with children … 24/7
Take the time to consider the multitude of ways to fully appreciate and develop the big four huggable moments with children … 1. opening, reading and engaging in the Bible with children; 2. praying with children; 3. singing with children; & 4. sharing communion with children. The first 20 minutes of a worship celebration is vital in communicating that children belong in this space with other generations. If they are just waiting to leave then when we say, “Kids, it’s time to go to your program!” then we are teaching them to leave. That’s got to stop!
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Church in a box

Find ways to help children engage the worship celebration space
As part of a worship celebration, an activity in a box can find their way to the seat or floor next to children that will help them grow at the feet of the culture we would love to see them adopt. None of the activities will be complicated or take away from the main activity we are engaging together.
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Milestones & transition ministry
Ideas and resources to help children deepen their sense of belonging in our faith communities.
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Big Buds

Mentoring children
Resources & ideas to connect children into our faith communities.
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Faith Journeys

with children
Villages raise children and faith communities make disciples.
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Three friends

take a squiz at God’s big story
Three friends explore the different themes of the story of Jesus, how it impacts their lives and how they respond in their now lives and with one another.
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Bible Engagement

climbing into God’s big story
Using drama, storytelling and the visual arts are a great way to engage children in the Bible story in ways that will encourage a response.
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Gear Up

for ministry with children and families
Training ideas, approaches and outlines on a variety of topics.
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Household faith

happens in lots of ways and at lots of times
Making the most of faith opportunities at home and on the road means doing life in relationship with God morning, noon and night.
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Clown Ministry

Discover and use ‘clown within’ for ministry
Workshop notes are available here to learn and practice the principles of clowning and clown ministry.
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Objects and cloth come to life with character and drama!
Workshop notes are available here to learn and practice the principles of puppet ministry.
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E Troupe

A drama troupe for all ages
Explore all the excellent words starting with ‘E’ as we use our drama for fun and ministry.
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Table One

A pattern for faith community being Church
Come around the communion table to explore the Word of God and remember (recall & remake) Jesus Christ with one another, our community and the world.
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Leadership basics

essential assets for developing leaders
Longevity in a leadership roles is helped by having the right mix and balance of many of the following ingredients.
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Mission & ministry ethos

getting the ‘flavour’ right in your context
There are at least nine essential ingredients for growing the right ‘vibe’ in any mission, ministry or team.
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Training & consultancy

helping to get the direction right for you
Phil is available for presentations, support (coffee & a chat), ideas, training and encouragement … helping you to transform your ministry.
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Artist in residence

supporting you as part of those special events
Invite Phil to create advent angels on a huge scale as part of a community event … or even paint a backdrop during a sermon or song.