Empowering household faith …

begin with the end in mind!

Begin with prayer!

What would we love to see? Where can we agree with God about ‘faith’ and ask for it in the Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ?

Let’s pray.

Use the following to guide your prayers for the households and families you are being prompted to pray for.

Managing change creatively in your context

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when it comes to overcoming the resistance we often encounter when change is announced. And there’s the problem right there. Often when decisions are made and announced without talking to the stakeholders it evokes a range of strong emotions, usually negative, in the ones who will be most affected. The problem is we have failed to manage the change well. Change is always difficult but it is about managing it as creatively and carefully as we can in order to take as many people along with the change as possible with the least amount of damage. The way we do things is as much a reflection on the good name of God as is the outcome we desire.

If all of these steps are handled well, it is more likely that less people will be resistant to the change proposed. There will always be resistance from some individuals as change is uncomfortable. This process will help ensure you lead the most number of the right people in the desired change.

Faith formation … what works?

It’s a mosaic!

There are several understandings of how faith is formed and by what processes. A summary of these will be expressed now.