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for ministry with children and families

Consider 5 of the keys for effective ministry with people of all ages and children specifically.


for growing great kids

Tools for helping parents, teachers and children’s workers in their vitally important roles.

Faith Journeys

with children and families

Looking at practical ways to understand how faith grows and how then to empower parents and workers to find their roles in the discipleship of their children.

The ethos (the vibe) … of ministry and mission

Getting the direction and the culture of your team just-right!

When ministries or missions fail it’s sometimes hard to work out why they failed; why they don’t achieve their goals; why they implode; why nothing was learnt from failure. You will either be affirmed in what your doing right or find out why it’s a mess and how to improve things or get it right next time.

Transitions and Milestones Ministry

Marking and celebrating many of the important moments of life.

Transition & Milestones Ministry will help a faith community work together with parents and a child’s or young person’s wider family to celebrate the important events in a child’s or young person’s life. Discovering how these times can afford effective teaching moments is also an important part of this ministry as is providing resources to help parents nurture faith.

Clown Ministry

Discovering ‘clown within’ and expressing this in ministry

Regardless of where you are in your journey of discovering of your ‘clown within’, there are some important principles to observe and practice along the way that will help your ministry of sharing the Gospel. These basic principles are also helpful when it comes to drama, storytelling and even in the way you engage the Bible story.

Help for you

Presentations, training & consultancies

Working with you to help get the direction right for your context …

  • ‘Presentations’ for a variety of contexts helps to not only communicate a message but to also demonstrate many of the principles of ministry with children and families.
  • ‘Consultancy’ helps you to see if a review is needed. This will identify and affirm that which is effective and helpful as well as show up areas that need adjustment or change.
  • ‘Training’ helps leadership, workers &/or parents to gain the fresh insights or motivation to implement more effective faith forming approaches.