Readings & Viewings

… and anything else of interest.

I find the discipline of reading and reflection difficult. And then trying to recall where I read something, impossible! So here is a repository of things I am into.

For each chapter or segment, read or viewed, there will be some quotes and reflections added. You are welcome to benefit if you like, read or watch along if you like, or even leave a comment.

So … what are we reading, watching, tasting, or listening to?

Let’s see if this works!

The plan is to firstly:

  • quickly read the book/paper or view the video clip or whatever to gain an appreciation of the big picture, and
  • determine the tag words that I would like to focus on.

Then, for each chapter or segment, provide:

  • a heading
  • a summary sentence or two,
  • tag words
  • one major quote,
  • a reflection, and
  • any additional quotes.

Easy right?


The Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition is used as the method of referencing citations in this website. In particular, the Perdue University ‘OWL’ website [1] is used to generate the Chicago style format from its citation generator.

[1] Purdue Writing Lab. “Chicago Manual of STYLE 17th EDITION // Purdue Writing Lab.” Purdue Writing Lab. Accessed August 1, 2021.


Explore further …


Searching for Sunday

Loving, Leaving, and Finding the Church

Rachel Held Evens

For a generation that has largely said, “Count me out,” church represents a complicated relationship of both longing and apathy. There’s a history there … a past full of confusion and hurt, but a past that often is impossible to abandon. In Searching for Sunday, Rachel Hold Evans exposes her own thorny relationship with the church, articulating the concerns, frustrations, and hopes of many of her peers. Through a series of stories told around the church’s sacraments … baptism, confession, and communion, among others… Evans offers the beginnings of a road map back to church and the resurrection that awaits when we are willing to give up and begin again.


Drop the Stones

Carlos A. Rodriguez

This is all about the woman who was caught in the act of adultery (us), the religious men that wanted to kill her (us), and the Christ who saved her (us).


The Thinking Teen

Dave Benson

An exploration, evaluation, and application of three apologetic strategies in commending the Bible to contemporary western adolescents.